Today I was presented a TAFE NSW Gili Award for the Creative and Design Ideation Student of the Year. So happy to receive this award and honoured to be recognised for work that I have done another great achievement for 2020. Thank you to the Design Unit and Carolanne for your support and nominating me for the award.

2020 marks the 30th year of the TAFE NSW Gili Awards. The TAFE NSW Gili Awards is a significant recognition and celebratory event for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students, their families and communities, TAFE NSW employees and industry partners. Together, they contribute to the strength, diversity and richness of training and education outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Gili (pronounced ‘kill-ee’) is an Eora word meaning ‘to shine’ and is a very apt name for these awards, as the recipients are a shining example of excellence in Aboriginal education and training in TAFE NSW. Selected from across the State, the nominees highlight and celebrate TAFE NSW Aboriginal student achievements, as well as the innovative programs and dedication of TAFE NSW staff members that help empower Aboriginal people and communities every day.