After seeing my artwork on the Opera House an art teacher from Vista Elementary School located in Simi Valley, California USA reached out to me to collaborate on a project for their students from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. 
The students were really inspired by the Opera House artwork and wanted to do a project with me, so I made a trip into the city and filmed a short video front of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and shared my journey with them.
We gave the students the task of selecting a location they were familiar with and representing this through their artwork (pictured). Some of the locations they selected were places like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Lego Land, Homes, Parks, Pools, Zoos, Beaches etc.
I was absolutely honoured to inspire kids across the other side of the world and how much fun they had doing this project some who didn’t want to leave class because they weren’t finished. 
A Very Special Thank You to Miss Keenan from Vista Elementary Simi Valley for reaching out to me to collaborate on such a special project and to all of the students at Vista Elementary who got involved the artwork are incredible.