The very special livery that Truck Assist Racing will field for the Indigenous Round has been unveiled ahead of the Darwin Triple Crown.

The design was created by Sydney artist and proud Kamilaroi woman, Rhonda Sampson, and implemented onto the team’s Chevrolet Camaro ZL1s by Nick Moss Design and SS Signs.

Both Car #34, driven by Jack Le Brocq, and Car #35, driven by Cameron Hill, will feature the artwork.

The livery will then remain on the cars for the NTI Townsville 500 next month.

Sampson’s artwork, Under the Stars, is a visual representation of parent company NTI’s values and work with Australian industries, as well as a commitment to reconciliation – supported by the famous Truck Assist orange.

The imagery on the roof of both cars signifies NTI and Truck Assist team members, who are committed to making a real difference in the community and strengthening relationships with First Nations peoples across Australia.

Featuring prominently on the doors is a representation of the Truck Assist brand.

The stars, which are scattered throughout the artwork, represent the night sky and Southern Cross – signifying NTI and Truck Assist Racing’s people, customers, and partners across Australia working together for a safer and more sustainable future.

Running from the bonnet over the roof to the rear of the car is the journey of shared history incorporating Past, Present, and Future.

MSR Team Owner, Matt Stone said: “I think we have great looking cars this year and this Darwin round Indigenous livery really adds to that.

“The colours and the meaning of the artwork is really cool – I think the team have done a great job integrating the artwork with our normal livery.

“I’d say this is our best Indigenous livery yet, so we’re going to keep it for Townsville as well because Townsville is the NTI 500 round and, of course, this artwork that Rhonda did was done to represent NTI.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it on track this weekend in Darwin.”

NTI’s Head of Marketing, Jason Kibsgaard, said: “The Truck Assist Racing team have done an incredible job integrating the artwork of Rhonda Sampson that represents NTI’s people and brands – including Truck Assist.

“I love how the artwork has been applied across the whole car; there’s a lot of meaning behind it and the team have done a great job by respecting that meaning and ensuring it really does tell a story.”

On the front wheel arches of Car #35 is the company Gear Select – a majority owned Indigenous business which specialises in equipment finance and hire solutions.

Gear Select aims to make a difference by helping the community gain access and knowledge in the areas of budgeting and finance.

MSR’s Indigenous Round liveries will take to Hidden Valley Raceway for Supercars’s opening practice session on Friday morning.