As TOMRA Cleanaway’s reconciliation journey continues, we are proud to present our Reconciliation artwork, titled Caring for Country Together” during NAIDOC Week 2022.

‘Caring for Country Together’  was developed by Rhonda Sampson, a contemporary Aboriginal artist and proud Kamilaroi woman in collaboration with TOMRA Cleanaway and the KARI Foundation. The artwork storyline is a tribute to the way TOMRA Cleanaway engages with the community, Country, and our partners.

TOMRA Cleanaway believes it is our responsibility to leave our environment better for our kids and the future generations to come by “Caring for Country Together”.

The artwork is a visual representation of TOMRA Cleanaway working in partnership with communities across NSW as the proud network operator for NSW’s container deposit scheme, Return and Earn.

TOMRA Cleanaway is committed to building strong relationships and respect between the business and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through meaningful engagement and being an active participant in connecting with First Nations communities that are uplifted through their involvement with our network and services.

TOMRA Cleanaway’s Partnerships

The motif at the centre of the artwork represents TOMRA Cleanaway and the successful joint venture partnerships over the past 5 years of operations.

Pillars of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Surrounding TOMRA Cleanaway are the 4 core pillars of our Reconciliation Action Plan from the left to right are the following motifs: Respect, Relationships, Opportunities and Governance.

Each of the reconciliation pillars are connected by the mutual goal for a sustainable future for everyone represented by the connecting arrows demonstrating the action of moving forward.

Moving along the outside of the centre are our waterways from across the land. Branching off the centre are dotted lines that are the connection to communities across NSW from regional to the coast, represented by the U-shaped motifs.

Providing Community Access – Collection points

Collection points in rural NSW are represented by the smaller circular motifs on the left and the metropolitan collections points by the larger circular motifs in the middle.

The dot work in the background symbolises the land complemented by the highlighted light blue dots which represent over 600 return TOMRA Cleanaway points across the state. The number of return points is increasing providing easy access for all communities to get involved in the Return and Earn container deposit scheme.

One of the primary depot locations is based on Darug Country in Eastern Creek it is one of the most familiar depots with the community and is represented by the central top motif. It is the primary location for the central processing of all lightweight containers from across NSW. The artwork on the right represents the Eastern Creek depot.

Reducing litter in our waterways land and ocean we are protecting our wildlife (represented by the turtle). It is our responsibility to leave our environment better for our kids and future generations to come (represented through the artwork by the small, dotted circles).

TOMRA Cleanaway is committed to enabling all members of the community to participate by making use of our easy-access container deposit networks at the same time, creating opportunities to support local causes and fund community events. Our RAP artwork is a demonstration of our focus on working together to make a circular economy possible by “Caring for Country Together”.

Read more about the goals and objectives of our Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group Members and their motivations to be involved in delivering TOMRA Cleanaway’s RAP.

TOMRA Cleanaway is incredibly proud of the outstanding partnership that we have facilitated within our network for Return and Earn between the KARI Foundation and City Return and Earn. Read more about this great partnership. Please see this article for more information on this great outcome.